MASTERING THE STUDIO OF ALL OF OUR CREATION: from: a Loop drawing a floor plan

Surprised how little there was in my new studio when I drew the floor plan. I can manage and master this! Not that it isn’t a life’s work with what there is to experience here in the studios of all of my creation, but I feel at ease with bringing to fruition what energy has served me.

ABUNDANCE – what we need, when we need – it is revealed in the studio of all of our creation as we consciously attend to that which excites us – NOT what worries us, mind you.  Anxiety, as well, brings with it unconditional abundance, but in contrast to what we may otherwise prefer.  Flow toward excitement rather than anxiety. With the energy of Merlin, transmute, shape-shift, or travel to the dimension where all of our creation, our studio if you will, serves us, serves us with what we need, when we need it, and further allows us to share – to open our studio to other angels.

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