FROM: a catalog (CAT) writing – the “School of Leadership Applied to Families Project”

So we had a family come to us with a “resistant 12 year old.” Resistant to what? The pre-teen obviously needs more, more Freedom. And, as this young person becomes more conscious, meta-cognitive, all sorts of disillusion is going to suface and create all kinds of behaviors and feelings the herd doesn’t like to see displayed in its members.

But the “unruly” child at this age, as with a troublesome dog, is only responding to the energy around it/him. Mom is responding with punitive tactics and with vengeance toward the child.

Clearly then, this youth is not the origin of the family community issues; rather, he is an outward sign of some limited belief system, a disease. DIS-ease can be shifted to ease as the ordained leaders of a community surrender control and allow freedom to flow its magic while honoring the sovereignty of all the community members.

Of course, we see and always say at RAVEN, this kind of leadership (ownership/responsibility/empowerment) allows for unlimited outcomes, potential, and productivity to be experienced by the team as they “follow their excitement [NOT THEIR ANXIETY – or the anxiety of the leader(s)] to the best of their ability with no attachment to an outcome” (Daryll Anka, Channeling Bashar).

More to come…. (watch for notifications of when we add the “loops”)

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