FROM: The Office Management (“OM”)Project (New Energy School/Entrepreneurship) ~ a Catalog Writing session

After spending 30 minutes engaged in office/space management, I must say, it triggered anxiety, yet I forged on through it. Writing will be an opportunity to honestly address the trigger, the emotional response to the “permission slip” – space management.

I know such cleaning and purging of my professional space results in a cleaner, clearer feeling – a relief, so why the anxiety? Easy: reluctance, my reluctant messiah nature/aspect: It always served me, was my resistance to becoming – so I believed – “one of them.” The subliminal message: If I only would do what I’m told, what is expected, then everything would start to be nice, successful for me. Only thing is, the things asked of me and how they were asked of me – not in the realm of my excitement, and if they might be, the attachment of their expectations and outcomes repelled me enough to where I would do nothing, perhaps even to the point of harm/more harm than if I just went along…

…but that is not true: going along is extremely destructive to the human psyche and nature. As a result of going along, we eventually hate ourselves, or we loose ourselves in the acceptance of those from which our true essence would never hold an agreement. Eventually, our return to freedom, after buying into slavery, is much more a messy experience than if we, from the start, at the initial notion to surrender our sovereignty, declared, “I am…” In this simple way, the embodied Master may transcend the pressures and forces holding the common consciousness in place/together – duality…

Quite a tangent, above. Office Management Transcribed Into Verse:

The deep well of low self worth one must believe in,  
To have to climb out of So many left over limitations 
Regarding reluctance, 
It may feel daunting. 
Like it feels to 
Sort through so many tracking templates, 
Tracking nothing much more than 
A wealth of empirical evidence, 
Revealing human fraud, frailty,  
And a failure to remember 
How all is well In all of Creation. 
The studio's library of categories, 
Simply catalogs  
Of the Realms of influence 
Into what really excites, 
Brings to fruition, and allows 
One Angel's embodied realization. 

"Clean your room" never felt so cosmic!   

(the Loop)

… the (this) project is imperative, for my own enjoyment of this New Consciousness, as well as, serving as another tool in the five schools at RAVEN. Walking the thin line between anxiety and excitement is oh-so exemplified in the activities centered around office or “studio” management. Perhaps we should just get right up and away from the common consciousness of the business office and pass through the threshold into “managing the studio of your creative life”, all of creation, all of your creation. Managing the studio of your entrepreneurship – a nook in the studio of all of your creation.

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