FROM: The School of Entrepreneurship Project ~ a dialog with Eric Worre

Over due, my friend.

If anyone on the planet,  
can do this,
you can.
Channel YOU!

You've always been an expert
at taking valuable, new information,
shaping it to fit your life
applying it in service to others.

That's it,
by the way;
that's how this industry works,
how it works for you 
everyone you touch
they touch.

YOU get this.
It's your super power,
so what gives?

it's like to magnets
facing each other 
in the wrong direction
- many times -
most of the time,
when I go to do the business,
any of the "seven aspects".
It happens 
when I am 
just too exhausted to continue
that day or that time of day.  

"Facing the wrong way"?
Then so is your business.
How can you 
get them both turned around,
then, so they,
your and your business, 
are attracted to each other?

Answer:  Me.  My Energy.
The business,
the opportunity,
the people, theproducts,
the follow-ups,
the events
- all turn their back on me
because of MY Energy.
It's somehow, 
how I view 
believe my business to be.

The embodied Master
simply chooses what excites him,
so we can enjoy life.
Somehow, we trigger
an emotional response
based on a belief system 
that no longer serves us,
maybe it never did.

We always saw 
business and our passion and purpose
(as a teacher),
as very separate paradigms.
We even had disdain toward business.  
That's it, then:
Network marketing,
indeed all business is
an opportunity to learn and teach;
as a means to truly enjoy success and empower those involved.
Learning and teaching motivates us,
Shifting Energy from anxiety to excitement.
We shape new information,
what we experience and learn,
to fit our life, what we enjoy,
our highest preferences, and
we adapt it to teach others.

A good start.
A good mentor celebrates us,
pushing us to excel,
excel, expand, and build the momentum of
our enjoyment exponentially.

MORE TO COME…. the Loop