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Home Schooled Students: Writing

summerCareerCampsA Series of Writing Workshops for Home Schooled Students


For the Struggling and the Gifted Writer:

Believe there is another level in you as a writer,

then how about five? Each of the five workshops invites

you to reveal, with ease, another level in your work.


One of the biggest advantages of being home-schooled is the opportunity to regularly engage in the art of learning at a collegiate level within a chosen content area.  This was always one of the advantages of attending my classroom or one of the two schools I co-founded.  Raven Writing Studios, Ink, now the third school I’ve created, affords students the same opportunity.  The tools mastered in the Writing Workshops can be applied to any area of study, inviting the student to truly produce work at an adult level. In other words, your home-schooler will be more than ready to write in college!

A Series of Five Writing Workshops

  • Purposeful Mess-Making Reveals Clarity
  • Focusing the “Brainstreaming” Reveals a Framework
  • Arranging Reveals Essential Additions/Development
  • The Quick-Fix
  • Revision Reveals Authenticity


Each of the Five Workshops is 5 Classes in Length

  • register for 5 classes at a time
  • start when you want
  • attend when you can
  • configure the classes to fit with your schedule
  • each class lasts 2 hours


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