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Manage the Creative Studio of Your Life


It’s the unnatural consciousness of victimhood, that lacks conscious awareness of itself as creator of its reality….You’re either a victim and an unconscious creator or an aware and conscious creator.



This…. (Managing the Creative Studio of Your Life) 10357471_1454360511470688_464825891940804070_n

is helping me unearth and organize the creative me.

  • Marcie, Psychotherapist 


We Do More Than Teach Writing at The Raven Writing Studios: 

The workshops serve to invite the student to allow themselves to experience what their creativity has brought forth for them to manifest.  Each of the five writing workshops invites you to reveal, with ease, another level in your work.

Once the porthole to your creativity has been opened wide, RAVEN assists in consciously managing the abundance now revealed in the Studio of Your Creative Life, allowing an unprecedented expansion in abundance and productivity in both your personal and professional life – for both the individual and/or the workplace.

At RAVEN we assist in bringing works to fruition.  In other words, you will find yourself finishing projects at a higher level, ultimately moving your accomplishments out of your Studio, into the light of day, where you can take them to market and manifest abundance for you and your community.


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