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A New Energy School

Five Schools of Mastery in a New Consciousness

New Consciousness Coaching:

The mission of RAVEN is to raise the consciousness of the planet through the art of writing, leadership, entrepreneurship, performance, and shifting energy. Utilizing New Consciousness coaching, enjoy a new level of ease, managing and understanding the studio of your purpose/passion/projects through our workshops, seminars, webinars, and events. Our content and curriculum are a culmination of, and are based on, the teachings of our founder, Robert Joseph Palmer – classroom teacher and school leader for over 20 years.

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The Beyond Tutoring Program

Create a master teacher instead of babysitting a student

Navigate the Five Schools of Mastery from here….

School of Writing

Manage the studio of your creative life through the art of Writing

School of Leadership Development

Build Community/Teamwork in any group from families to corporate entities

School of Entrepreneurship

Manage and understand business in a New Consciousness

School of Performance

Enjoy a New Consciousness through the art of Sport and Theater

The New Energy School

Enjoy a New Consciousness through the art of shifting Energy