New Consciousness Coach:
The mission of RAVEN is to raise the consciousness of the planet through the art of writing, leadership, entrepreneurship, performance, and shifting energy. Enjoy a new level of ease, management, and understanding of your purpose/passion/projects through our workshops, seminars, webinars, and events. Our content and curriculum are a culmination, and are based on, the teachings of our founder, Robert Joseph Palmer – classroom teacher and school leader for over 20 years.
Robert Joseph Palmer is a New Consciousness Coach.  He has been an educator and school leader for 25 years. Robert taught at Eton Academy, a National Exemplary School in Birmingham, MI, for six years and Royal Oak Alternative Education for 11 years where he co-founded the school.  He has now founded three schools.  Constantly encouraged for years, Palmer finally decided to create The Raven Institute, offering five schools of personal and professional mastery in a new consciousness available throughout MI, nationwide, and internationally.