WRITING: Four Voices

FROM: The Companion Book to Writing Workshop One Project

~ a dialog session with “The Four Voices” (transcribed into verse here)

We can feel
the excitement
in our choice.
It's when we get to speak
-when the writer chooses
their excitement
through the art of writing
- to channel a revelation
of what we need,
when we need it
through the permission 
writing allows us.

the human, sensually allows
an experience of beauty
- seeing/feeling/knowing
the essence
all of Creation.  

Shall we ask a question,
or shall you,
to keep the conversation going?

We are in awe
in our/your presence.

When humanity chooses writing,
as a permission slip,
energy is able 
to be present
and serve 
at a very high frequency,
the writer's frequency.

No "halfway"
when allowing 
our voices.
All in.  

More to come….