ENERGY: Trust and Enjoy

FROM: The After Alter Project

~ a 1-3 words per line open-ended poetry writing session

In the censor

Let go,
You have
held space
for The New Energy,
Release the guard
your guard.

You have 
done well.
Enjoy now,
all is well
in All of Creation.

North | Earth | Deer | - gentle
West | Wind | Snake | - transmutation
South | Fire | Blue Heron | - self reflection (deconstruction)
East | Water/Gateway | Squirrel | - (collecting, on the waters' edge, between worlds, embodiment - where the human and the Divine meet)

They all came
To me today,
Offering support
Offering gratitude.

Trust, they said,
Well done...

...Mother Earth,
Father Sky,
The Totems, Elements
The Four Directions,
The many Mentors.

I wept
like a child,
innocent and free.

Realized, Enlightened,
I am staying...
As I do:
honoring sovereignty,
bearing witness, 
shining a light,
offering wisdom.
It is 
My Greatest Excitement.

I took 
The porch candle
The school bus
just as
I take 
My stance.
(Movie in My Head)
Child says,
You were 
the one, on
the porch.
I say,
You, more importantly,
were the one
on the bus...
...should have never
got on 
that bus.


Jesus. He was obviously there too. The mentor, brother, and the least understood and most misrepresented member of our ascended clan of Masters. Just be yourself/ourselves, we can’t control, nor would we want to, how the audience takes it, hears it, twists the light for manipulative purposes. Those who would tell you what to do/believe, rather than simply continuing to be themselves – regardless of your response – these are the Angels among men, the stewards of freedom, and ye shall know them/us by their love, by our love.

Finally, this piece is a personal creed of sorts. It is also an acknowledgement of my partnerships and agreements with my dear friends, mentors, and cocreators. We all stay, in our own way, here – for now, forging the best of our creations, to manifest, with ease and joy, parallel New Earths – what some humans call Heaven. Would that all embodied humans would choose to do the same here and now.

never did give 
to the human
that he didn't,
didn't already have...

(a play on the song, Tin Man, by America)