LEADERSHIP: Gut Check – Do We Fit Right In? With What?

FROM: The Companion Book to The School of Leadership Development at RAVENCommunity

Yep, we fit right in….

If our professional/work environment is a negative place to work, and we are just another negative aspect of the culture – at best battered, bruised, and complaining….

Then yes, we fit right in.

At RAVEN, community is defined as a group of people with a shared value system. So, the question is: What value system are we in agreement with in our professional space?

Functional communities flourish in an environment of positive, agreed upon, shared values. In other words, what they hold sacred is intentionally established, understood, practiced, and expected. What develops is a healthy peer pressure where members are accountable to and responsible for one another’s productivity and success.

What allows a veil of denial is how dysfunctional communities do the same thing but with a set of negative values – confrontational, counterproductive, destructive behaviors.

Continuing… own it. What kind of community are we in agreement with, professionally – personally for that matter.

In other words, where do we fit in right now, and what kind of team do we want to be a member of in the future?