FROM: The School of Performance Project ~ a dialog writing session with the gym ~ transcribed here into verse Long time No see. Uncomfortable with you, mostly – still. But don’t get me wrong. Overall, amazing and So appreciate being back. The weight (ha! – gym) the wait – yours. You are overweight (Would that … Read more

LEADERSHIP: Gut Check – Do We Fit Right In? With What?

FROM: The Companion Book to The School of Leadership Development at RAVEN – Community Yep, we fit right in…. If our professional/work environment is a negative place to work, and we are just another negative aspect of the culture – at best battered, bruised, and complaining…. Then yes, we fit right in. At RAVEN, community … Read more

WRITING: Four Voices

FROM: The Companion Book to Writing Workshop One Project ~ a dialog session with “The Four Voices” (transcribed into verse here) Ambitious. We can feel the excitement in our choice. It’s when we get to speak -when the writer chooses their excitement through the art of writing – to channel a revelation of what we … Read more


FROM: A Series of Articles on How “Managing the Studio” of our Professional Life Energizes the Master Leader ~ the Controlling Idea What if? What if managing our business wasn’t taxing at all? In other words, what if – what we call at RAVEN, “managing the studio of your professional life” – instead, energizes us? … Read more


FROM: The School of Entrepreneurship Project ~ A journal writing session based on notes from a weekly webinar After attending the webinar last night and reviewing my notes this morning, I feel excited that I made a decision to allow the Network Marketing business model to get me free. It’s simple, easier than the traditional … Read more

ENERGY: Reluctant Enlightenment

The New Energy School Project FROM: A Dialog writing session with Adamus (transcribed here into verse) Time for a powerful visit, kidding aside. Impossible, kidding aside, so much to razz us about since we’ve crossed over. Are there more reluctant Masters? No. And with good reason. We are going to trust at some point. Sure, … Read more

WRITING: The Point

FROM: The Companion Book to Writing Workshop Two Project ~ A dialog writing session with Tawas Point on Lake Huron in Michigan Me: Who are you? I didn’t know you; you had changed so much. TP: You too. Me: Not enough. TP: Never. But maybe, just enough. Me: Always. (a problem with me) – just … Read more

WRITING: “Room for Us”

FROM: Our Book: “Room for Us” ~ created from a dialog session with the entity known as Bashar ~ to be released in 2022 Room for me, for all of us, to integrate, to have an authentic, embodied experience unbound by the limitations of time, expectations, and over-thinking. That’s RAVEN, and it’s why the Dragon … Read more