FROM: The School of Performance Project

~ a dialog writing session with the gym

~ transcribed here into verse
Long time
No see.

Uncomfortable with you, mostly
- still.
But don't get me wrong.
Overall, amazing
So appreciate being back.

The weight (ha! - gym)
the wait - yours.
You are overweight 
(Would that you could be - ascending the struggle).
Yet still, 
so much baggage:
the hernia, your back, your weight.
34 pounds extra 
carried into every exercise.

The ascended, embodied Master 
need not experience such weight,
excessive weight. 
Ours is a lite/light experience
- the lite, embodied experience.

So many plays
on words here:  body, weight, back, guts, legs, carrying...

Yes, the gym experience,
much like 
the classrooms and campuses
we once managed:
a place to practice, 
continuously and constantly
shifting our Energy
from heavy to lite/to light.

at the gym,
we even allot certain days to/for
different purposes - body parts -
We have lite days,
recovery days,
even sets/reps
related to/for various purposes
and in distinct contexts, etc.

Would that 
we put 
so much permission and intention
into our professional studio.
How may, 
adapting such an approach,
align the human 
to the lightness/lite and ease
of embodiment with the Divine?

But what of this New Energy,
as it pertains to sport,
following our excitement,
with no expectations (limits)
on an outcome?
(We sense the answer is bigger 
ascends the details)...

...We are excited to train
at the gym,
to enjoy and experience
a New Consciousness 
through the art of weightlifting
(The word play here is so poignant).
Play indeed:
Why not Re-place weight training/resistance training
light/lite training?

Profound. I am reminded, here, of the breakthrough in cycling, where in the 1990’s we began training with a focus on recovery, rather than how hard we worked out – essentially, but without acknowledging it, a focus on breaking down muscle tissue.

A New Consciousness towards physical endeavors,
of great service to athletes,
to anyone adapting the information...

Until then,
lighten up!
Allow ourselves to heal
Focus less on DE-construction
more on RE-construction,
reconstructing New Earth
qua (as) 
New Energy.
Like the recovery concept (above shaded box) Re-cover!
Enlightenment/Embodied Mastery is not so much
stopping something
as it is
starting something NEW, 
rather than a rude awakening...

  • RE –
    • place/ing
    • arranging
    • frame/ing
    • streaming
    • flect/ing
    • dialog/ing
    • catalog/ing
    • open/ing
    • draft/ing
    • visit/ing
    • fresh/ing
    • write/ing
    • lead/ing
    • master/ing
    • network/ing
    • launch/ing
    • perform/ing
    • shift/ing
    • create/ing
    • expand/ing
    • heal/ing
    • enlighten/ing
    • realize/ing
    • evaluate/ing
    • apply/ing
    • analyze/ing


I am RE-minded of the “positive voice” – the wisdom of focusing, not so much on DE-construction as RE-construction. I am also reminded of my awakening in the Christ Consciousness as a teen, when RE-surrection, reconstruction, and recreating my experience were such sources of great excitement for me. As it continues to be, 40 years later: constantly adapting/recreating/transcribing/ Sr. Christian’s work, and now The School of Writing at RAVEN to awaken, allow realization in a New, not rude, awakening. It’s about ease “this time through.” Any feeling of effort or struggle are signals of old energies, manipulations – a thirst of the illusion of power and/or the same illusion of having to surrender to another power. We are here to enjoy this New Energy (light/lite), “through the art of performance.” Play on!