ENERGY: “Room to Remember (grow)”

From: A dialog with Bashar (an entity channeled by Darryl Anka) – “The Energy School Project”

Me: Hey

B: Good day, excellency. Excellent, see?

Me; I wish I could all the time.

B: You wish you WOULD all the time, your time, this – YOUR time. But, really isn’t any time. All an illusion. Remember? It’s why you freeze in your imaginary crystal. You surround yourself in so much weight, compression.

Me: Depression?

B: As you say. We observe it as COM-pressed energy. Any way, no time; reality is an illusion. STOP, STOP, STOP putting so musch weight, thinking – attached to everything. Follow your excitement, to the best of your ability at any given “time” with no expectations (expectations – big for you).

Me: A paradox.

B: Yes. No expectations on the outcome, and allow energy to serve you, beyond what you can “think” up. See. You have an incredibly evolved mind, —

Me: — So

B: — so, you tend to “think” you can instead of allowing your higher self to reveal to you by ACTING – not thinking – on your excitement – what is possible, what is, who you truly are/am, as it were.

Me: Acting…. that “play” sounds fun.

B: It is. It’s one of your main permission slips/sources for integrating higher mind’s potential. Do it; it excites you.

Me: Um. The field of Education?

B: Very common consciousness (compression). Talk about embedded collectivity! All in a capsule, a capsulized container of limiting thoughts and belief systems.

Me: (education) So there is much to learn here —

B: — Yes, for you regarding remembering how to allow struggling humans (those struggling with this dimension) to be their true selves.

Me: Lots of “outcomes” stuff in Education. Problematic?

B: Yes. Allow them space for them to remember themselves, ALL THERE IS. Even more, for you: what is NOW here awaiting to serve you, all. Be honest. Be courageous. Be YOU.

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