WRITING: The Point

FROM: The Companion Book to Writing Workshop Two Project ~ A dialog writing session with Tawas Point on Lake Huron in Michigan

Me: Who are you? I didn’t know you; you had changed so much.

TP: You too.

Me: Not enough.

TP: Never. But maybe, just enough.

Me: Always. (a problem with me) – just enough.

TP: Maybe believe more, there’s more in you to manifest here, what you call, “change”. We just allow, as all is, and nothing else need be – just be – is all there is, and that’s enough; it’s everything, everything, everything….

…. You were overwhelmed when we met last, yesterday – what you humans call the “denial phase.” But the physical change/look of the peninsula hit you; there is NO denying. But, if it helps you, to “process”, then go ahead.

Me: Never ahead of you (a play on the word – head).

TP: But a “head” just the same. Too much, Forest Crowe (my spiritual name in the American Indian tradition). Allow. Allow you too – most importantly, allow you to shift, like we do our dunes here at Tawas Point.

Me: That’s the point.

TP: We are. Just a point, being a point., a beacon, a sanctuary, a lovely place where your birds, on migration (always migrating) get stuck and stay a while.

Me: Migration, an instinct, moving with the seasonal cycles.

TP: We are in cycles too, our point, our peninsula, always shifting with no expectation on an outcome. You all comment on/about, “how it was”, and “how we’ve changed.” Change is bullshit. We are merely shifting our excitement to allow Energy to serve us, unconditionally. Yes, it appears profound to you….

…. But we marvel and hope for the same with you. We share (out – slip/play on words) our “point” without attachment to your outcome; the point and peninsula just being itself….

…. You have always been a lover of peninsulas, a “habor town eccentric”; we love that. We enjoy our intimate relationship.

Me: – and only wish you’d rub off, more, on me.

TP: Sure, why not? But only out of a love and compassion for you to experience your Realization….

…. We are very happy you have come here to do so today. Here, where the New Consciousness found its footing in you decades ago, Forest Crowe. – a terribly reluctant Ascended Master, a stubborn, protected dune. Yet, a peninsula, a beacon, a sanctuary for migrating birds, Angels really – a place for them to get stuck a while and stay to reconnect, realign/regroup with themselves – with their higher selves – and the flock, with ease, and in sovereignty…. “Shine on, you crazy diamond!”

MORE TO COME…. (The loop)