ENERGY: Reluctant Enlightenment

The New Energy School Project

FROM: A Dialog writing session with Adamus (transcribed here into verse)

Time for
a powerful visit,
kidding aside.

kidding aside,
so much 
to razz us about
since we've
crossed over.  
Are there more 
reluctant Masters?  

And with good reason.

We are 
going to trust
at some point.
Sure, lots of previous visits
have ended badly,
but it's the relationship
with YOU -

- that's the only thing
that's going to change
the outcome?

What about, screw the outcome?

- better.  Detachment.
Attachment has been huge for humanity.
Self-worth ... exactly....
.... it really doesn't frickn' matter, anymore.
"So what!"  (Adamus, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe at Crimson Circle).

The ultimate paradox:
It doesn't frickn' matter.
Until we feel into this,
matter gets messy.

Messy indeed,
my friends.

We know all this;
we certainly do
at the Ascended Masters Club.
We forget, become attached 
to illusions,
when we're down here.

Sexual Energies / Energy
We know.
Simple, the same things:
A wonderous gift at the Club
becomes a messy matter
down here
due to self-worth. 

Gradually, "And" (Adamus, Channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe at The Crimson Circle)
- F--k who cares...
- F--k who cares?
That's a great deal of f--king!
Alot of people care!
(Good one - play on words)

Again, not important
what they think.
Who cares.
A messy matter,
those acting out,
"And" sexuality
- for nothing
lack of self-worth,
abundance issues (lack),
creativity run amok,
health too,
And the relationship 
with YOU - again, a challenge for so many.

Human sexuality gets messy,
makes a mess,
when it manipulates Energy
for power,
twisting even allowance/freedom;
ultimately, sexuality 
becomes nothing more 
bending to a poor relationship
with self.

Be honest.


Human sexuality/sexual energy:
This one gets in the way,
in the way of
Energy serving us;
we experience energy stealing
- we may become burglars.
There is enough, 
nothing to take
or give away,
enough for all.

Perhaps what 
Christ Consciousness
was up to 
with the 
fish and loaves story.

"All is well in all of Creation" (Adamus, Channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe at The Crimson Circle).
Now, start acting like it 
- at least until you're for real here!


It’s nice to dip into and record a dialog, always happening, to purposefully tap in, check-in, and document/integrate some of the ongoing agreement (one I am reluctant to follow-up on….) We are impassioned to tell the story of Enlightenment – ours. Such a reluctant Master, as I, must have much to offer the ethereal brethren, come to Earth…. to play, (I am reminded, as light too). To simply be in agreement with, yet sovereign in the experience of my Mastery, my realization. Manifesting the Club is a wonderous metaphor. An Institute – now that’s very traditional. A Club, now that’s a place to revel in rebellion!