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IMG_8227Robert Palmer is a writing coach and team builder.  Founder of Raven Writing Studios Ink, he has been an educator for 20 years. Robert taught at Eton Academy, a National Exemplary School in Birmingham, MI, for six years and Royal Oak Alternative Education for 11 years where he co-founded the program. Throughout his 17 year career as a classroom teacher and educational leader, colleagues and parents alike always encouraged Robert to showcase his innovative talents to the world.  Incredibly, after only a year, after finally deciding to create RAVEN in its current configuration, Robert finds himself in great demand.  Robert is currently busy assembling a team of experts around him to take care of the details of the RAVEN SCHOOL as he continues to fulfill his simple dream:  to teach, travel, perform, and write.

Robert loves to teach, especially writing. Through the art of writing, the RAVEN Method has always, at its core, invited the participant, with ease, to manifest what they desire in their personal and/or professional life.  At least a third of RAVEN’S business involves collaborating with a variety of licensed professionals and wellness centers to promote writing as healing, though the RAVEN writers will tell you they all experience some form of a improvement in wellness!

Robert also enjoys assisting groups in developing a sense of community (team building). He has always viewed himself as a pioneer, innovator, and creator.  A co-founder of two schools, he sees RAVEN as his third school, beyond the brick and mortar of the previous two, far exceeding the others in its range of influence.  Although acknowledged now as a truly world class writing coach, he saw his greatest talent was developing an empowering community on campus and in the classroom by allowing ownership of the space to its members.   As a Result, Robert now adapts his love of team building to the professional development workshops RAVEN offers.

Robert has had an opportunity to travel around the state of Michigan, facilitating Workshops.  Based in Northwestern Lower Michigan, with offices and studios throughout the Grand Traverse Region and the Metro Detroit Area, RAVEN now has the opportunity to meet the needs of individuals and groups throughout the nation and, just recently, internationally.  A dream come true.


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