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IMG_20140822_084920The RAVEN Writing Method Reveals Clarity and Allows the Integration of Wellness

RAVEN is able to be remarkably flexible: 

  • Configure presentations or workshops to fit your group’s schedule and time frames. 
    • including
      • integrative medicine centers at hospitals
      • support groups
      • wellness centers
      • holistic medical environments
      • chiropractic offices
      • corporate wellness
      • and more…..
  • Of course, RAVEN also works with individuals.



Passing through decay on our way to beauty.

Spirit and body will experience Enlightenment together in this new, light consciousness.  You are a worthy creator of healthy, abundant relationships.  Channel YOU.

     — Robert Joseph Palmer (Founder of the Raven Institute and Master Instructor at Raven Writing Studios)

I am no healer, nor do I intend to heal.  I do not define or validate myself as a healer.  Writing is not another snake oil.  But while it was never the intention at RAVEN, it is compelling how all students acknowledge the therapeutic effect and healing quality of their experience with the Raven Writing Program.

I will acknowledge how writing allows us to be present to ourselves; I acknowledge how this, in turn, allows EASE to take the place of DIS-ease.  I hypothesize:  just as with physical therapy following an injury, when one allows their central nervous system to create alternate pathways and improve motor skills, one may be able to experience the same therapeutic result to improve communication through the art of writing.

Revealed in the mastery of the Tools taught in Writing Workshop One, intrinsic to the art of writing, is a tangible outcome:  the pen acting as a camera, documenting.  Indeed, as RAVEN Writers, the pen serves to record what is revealed to us as we are present to ourselves during what can only be called an outer-body-like experience.

We may be present to ourselves in the same way with painting, music, pottery, dance, etc.  Any self expression may afford a record of our experience.  But writing serves as commentary to any and all other modalities of healing – bringing forward, articulating with clarity, the integration of Wellness.  The EASE of the light consciousness, now in union with the light body, allows us to experience the true Essence of our Enlightenment.

We are unable to follow through on anything we initiate from desperation, fear, or struggle.  In other words, no matter how laboriously we attend to, or cultivate what we initially conceived in desperation, what we separate from Spirit is without the angelic energy which allows for fruition.  We then label the result of such experiences as “sickness”, “illness”, “resistance”, “a block”, “procrastination”, “laziness”, or“disability.”  We even call it “a growth” – as we to continue to rationalize and validate DIS-ease and our separation from our responsibility for its creation.  Sadly, tangled in this web of limitations, we forget how our natural state is wellness.

Again, neither I nor RAVEN healed or created anything,  YOU have.  You brought this New Consciousness, this New Energy, to Earth, so that YOU could experience your Enlightenment here and now.  Anything else, any DIS-ease, is just some old energy you are still attached to or passing through, passing through decay on your way to Beauty.  You are the Divine Creator of your wellness.


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