Write Better, Faster, and with Greater Ease

Experience a heightened level of clarity in your writing, as well as, in your relationships with, what we call, The Studio of Your Creative Life

  • your academics
  • your business
  • your book
  • your blog
  • your clients
  • your employees
  • your co-workers
  • your film
  • your presentation, speech

Everyone Can WRITE!

For Both the Novice and the Experienced Writer

  • Beneficial to those who just need help getting started
  • Seamless academic writing applications
  • Helpful to writers looking to bring work to fruition or publication.
  • Adaptable to any professional development need
  • Promotes healing and wellness


(Each Containing Five Classes)

Workshop One:  Connecting Creativity and Intuition

 Purposeful Mess-Making Reveals Clarity

  • master four powerful tools for getting words on paper
  • develop a healthy relationship with your creativity
  • allow the Four Voices to reveal what you need, when you need it
  • manage the studio of your creative life through writing
  • reveal a pattern/subject in your writing
  • bring your subject to Writing Workshop Two where you will “focus the brain-streaming” and reveal a framework.

Workshop Two:  A Journey Toward Fruition

Focusing the “Brain-streaming” Reveals a Framework

  • analyze your writing from Workshop One to further reveal more clarity regarding the subject which has come forward
  • “focus the brain-treaming” on the subject revealed from Workshop One
  • experience with ease and wonder as a solid framework emerges from which to draft your finished piece in Workshop Three
  • begin to apply the tools of Workshop One to other projects long stored away in the dusty studio of your creative life

Workshop Three:  Get the Draft

Arranging Reveals Essential Additions/Development

  • arrange the framework from Workshop Two to reveal what’s to be added/developed
  • continue writing with ease as you add new material that seems necessary
  • draft for hours, days, weeks, months, for even years-to-come on one project
  • because you took the time to fully develop your preliminary work, there may be, eventually, many places in your studio – many frameworks – you can confidently and comfortably return to, anytime, and continue drafting.

Workshop Four:  The Quick-Fix 

Free Writing Reveals a Finished Piece

  • a condensed version of the other four workshops
  • insures the quality of a developed work as you meet academic or professional deadlines
  • especially adaptable to professional development
  • particularly suited for creating better Media Content
  • tell the story of your dream and educate your followers as you became a content leader in your field
  • create and give expert presentations and speeches

Workshop Five:  Revision

Revision Reveals Authenticity

  • examine your piece for authenticity
  • Continue to sharpen the appeal to your audience or purpose
  • engage in an interactive dialog between you, your audience, and the work
  • examine the flow and unity of the piece
  • test the presence of the Controlling Idea

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