THE SCHOOL OF WRITING: Raven Writing Studios


SCHOOL OF WRITING: Raven Writing Studio

Everyone Can WRITE!

The RAVEN Writing Method shows you how and why, enabling you to write better, faster, and with greater ease. First, you will master powerful tools for getting words on paper, what we at RAVEN call, “purposeful mess-making”.

Once you realize how you are, like anyone, a writer, subsequent workshops show you how to bring your preliminary work to fruition with as much ease as you experienced during the initial “mess-making”!).

Ultimately you, or your staff, gain a heightened level of clarity in your writing, as well as, in your relationships with the Creative Studio of Your Life:  your business, your book, or your blog, your clients, employees, or your co-workers; your film, your presentation, or speech; your DREAMS….. YOU!

A series of five highly adaptable, transformational workshops (each 5 classes in length)

Everyone Can WRITE!

  • See language as an instrument you have listened to and enjoyed your entire life:  you have listened to others play – when they speak, when you converse, as you read, etc.
  • Realize your capacity to put pen to paper and improvise like a virtuoso
  • Take your writing to another level (actually 8!)
  • Experience writing with ease
  • Produce finished works in less time

For Both the Novice and the Experienced Writer

  • Beneficial to those who just need help getting started
  • Helpful to writers looking to bring work to fruition or publication.
  • Adaptable to any professional development need
  • Promotes healing and wellness


Workshop One:  Connecting Creativity and Intuition

 Purposeful Mess-Making Reveals Clarity

  • master four powerful tools for getting words on paper
  • develop a healthy relationship with your creativity
  • know, intuitively, what your creativity reveals for you to manifest in the upcoming workshops, and more importantly, in both your personal and professional life.
  • Successive workshops will give your preliminary work form:


Workshop Two:  A Journey Toward Fruition

Focusing the “Brainstreaming” Reveals a Framework

  • begin to apply the tools of Workshop One to projects long stored away in the dusty studios of your creative life
  • further analysis of your writing in Workshop One reveals more clarity regarding the subject which has come forward
  • “focus the brainstreaming” on the subject revealed from Workshop One
  • experience with ease and wonder as a solid framework emerges from which to draft your finished piece in Workshop Three


Workshop Three:  Get the Draft

Arranging Reveals Essential Additions/Development

  • arrange the parts of our piece to reveal flow
  • continue writing with ease as you add new material that seems necessary
  • as you progress it is only natural for you to perhaps draft for hours, days, weeks, months, even years to come on one project
  • because you took the time to fully develop your preliminary work, there is a place in your studio, a framework, where you can confidently and comfortably return to anytime and continue drafting.


Workshop Four:  The Quick-Fix 

Free Writing Reveals a Finished Piece

  • a condensed version of the other four workshops
  • insures the quality of a developed work as you meet deadlines
  • especially adaptable to professional development
  • particularly suited for creating better Media Content
  • tell the story of your dream and educate your followers as you became a content leader in your field
  • create and give expert presentations and speeches


Workshop Five:  Revision

Revision Reveals Authenticity

  • examine your piece for authenticity
  • Continue to sharpen the appeal to your audience or purpose
  • engage in an interactive dialog between you, your audience, and the work
  • examine the flow and unity of the piece
  • test the presence of the Controlling Idea

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