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Writing for Business


RAVEN has definitely helped me clarify the vision of Chazzano (Coffee Roasters). I’ve used the tools that I’ve learned to give better presentations and to write and publish my first book. All business owners should be enrolled in RAVEN’S sessions.

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Raven is Write for Business: 
A Series of Five Writing Workshops

The RAVEN Writing Method grounds creativity in a solid framework: forwarding the concise, practical needs of business while allowing for the intuitive power found in the voice of the individual writer.

Those speaking to RAVEN from the corporate mother ship often ask about business applications: how is this writing workshop going to help me with the tasks I encounter in my workplace on a daily basis? The question is a good one, especially when someone’s first impression of RAVEN is reading some of our website content. RAVEN may sound a little too creative and artsy.

Nothing could be further from the truth, a half truth really.  For what is equally true about the RAVEN School is how the methods are at once incredibly intuitive and creative yet concise and expert at assisting the creator at bringing work to a clear completion.

Certainly I must admit, RAVEN is in constant danger of taking too much for granted due to the size and scope of the adaptability found in its methods and tools. The curse, or cause for this condition? For 20 years I have yet to find someone who cannot write, who cannot reveal in themselves another level of ability; and most importantly, I have not encountered a challenge or situation the Raven Method cannot adapt itself to and serve the student toward accomplishing a grand, finished product.

When a classroom teacher and school leader, I was privileged, countless times with every project and subject imaginable, to witness students in my schools and classrooms as they adapted the RAVEN tools to serve and bring to fruition what they planned to accomplish. (I remind you here of the nature of my educational philosophy: inviting students to take full ownership and self direction of their education). The writing method not only served teachers as solid criteria for measurable, self directed objectives, but assisted students in unleashing the full passion and power of their creativity.

I continue to marvel as  my, now sometimes corporate, clients master these tools.   First they come to experience the tools on a richly personal level, then discover for themselves how to utilize what they have learned to improve their workplace productivity. Played out countless times, since RAVEN left the confines of the brick and mortar school, are professional – corporate culture people – communicating testimonials in every class, how this program has enabled them to realize clarity like they never thought possible.

Even in Workshop One, where the naked eye enters what seems, at first glance, a studio full of messy creativity – even here – is introduced, in the LOOPING and DIALOGING tools, an incredible crystal clear command of what you wish to articulate. Hence the sub-title of Workshop One: Purposeful Mess-making Reveals Clarity.  Specifically, the experience is verbalized in class by sales reps and psychotherapist – who now understand their clients better; by individuals whose communication in the workplace is clearer; how business owners, managers and staff and bloggers are better able to tell the story of a business and educate the customer with their media content;  and how projects and productivity come to fruition with a new unprecedented ease, speed, and quality.

Lawyers and law firms, doctors and dentists, entrepreneurs and employees – all report the same experience. The audience is somewhat new to me, yet the story remains the same:  The RAVEN Method grounds creativity in a solid framework, forwarding the concise, practical needs of business.  What needs to get done is created in sympathy with the new, heightened intuitive voice of the individual writer.


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