Happy Spring! Well, yesterday was meteorological Eve of Spring. Starting this write / right:  After experiencing the eve of meteorological spring yesterday, I feel cheated.  I didn’t even know until now!  The first day of spring is magical.  There are two, I guess, meteorological spring occurs on March 1st while solar spring occurs 20 days later on 3/21.  Why do the scientists pick 3/1, 6/1, 9/1 and 12/1 as their seasonal markers – a question I will research today.  You’d think a scientist would follow a solar calendar as a measuring device, even religion do! 

The first ATV of the sea turtle season just rushed by. The sea turtles lay their eggs between March 1st and the end of October, so the scientist on her Jeep is out looking for nests to mark. 

Adding to my human interactions as I write is a voice on a microphone barking out, inaudibly, but sounds like some sort of workout training, yoga or some elderly morning movement session. 

February 2019 certainly was the quickest month I have ever experienced in my life. Each day I would document the date on some page I was scribbling on only to be astounded by what day it was on the calendar, already – again and again.

My writing has been rather slow and peaceful of late.  I am called to communicate more and more with my fellow Fallen Angels, information clearly meant for the light body integration of all of us who playfully decided to take a ride on planet Earth again.  So serious we sometimes become though, even me.  I am one of the biggest clowns, yet I guard my child like nature overzealously; I might add, I am seriously silly and even I am too serious.  There is the alarm to wake my partner.  May she be true to her powerful playfulness. 

The ATV Rider educates and enquirer.  More alarm, so serious. 


Scientists and turtles laying eggs in the sand next to Nature’s title Waters, digging nests and making calendars and weather maps. Happy Spring. a poem?

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