WRITING: Create Space

FROM: The Class Guide to Writing Workshop One “…we will share details about the space where we prefer to create.  For example:  a quiet room with soft music playing, by candle light, outdoors, a busy place in public or a combination.  Regardless of what we prefer, it is now important to create space to check-in … Read more

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Catching Connection

From: “The School of Entrepreneurship Project”: ~ A Dialog with 20 pages of notes from a Expo, – transcribed into verse Let’s catch-up. Lots of that hanging around In the studio of all of our creation. Started the break well, domestically speaking. Grunt work, yes. There’s a great deal of gratitude To be had for … Read more


From: An open-ended Writing: Workshop One (6/20/2019)

The School of Performance Project at RAVEN

So, on the first day of Spring, I was on the ninth floor balcony, on the South FL Atlantic coast, at Le Chateau, reflecting on just that – how it felt. I am all about, have always been about, using as a barometer of my own connection with who I truly am: how I feel the seasons. So, one can imagine how displaced this Great Lakes Angel felt as seasons changed in South FL. Not only was I experiencing a dysfunctional common consciousness of epic proportions to deal with there, but the weather was not really serving much, what I prefer – on a daily, monthly, and seasonal basis.

Now, as Summer’s Eve, of day, looms, I am again content with the passing of time; I remember to grasp the passage of the season as just another experience of the same, eternal moment. (Can She? An interruption, but a valid one). Most, of what we call interruptions, are valid; of course, just some are more valid than others!

And how about interruptions in the experience of the athlete? I have had countless such experiences: injuries, falling off the wagon, succumbing to distractions/attachments/limited beliefs. If one were to watch a time-lapse film of my athletic career; in fact, one could observe life (an athletic lifestyle) as an ebb and flow of building – interruption – rebuilding. Namely, this is because I bought into said duality, and the balancing act that comes with it, for decades! Sport qua (as) life: Back then I reinforced my belief system daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonally.

Would that I had simply chosen what I preferred, simply that: How every moment is just another version of the same moment just experienced from another shift in energy. In other words, the athlete (in me) can then simply shift, as a good habit, to the version of that moment he prefers, or gain clarity, through contrast, from the version of the moment that he does not prefer. Most importantly, the athlete may honestly reflect on whatever limited belief is causing him to shift to an experience, through sport, that he does not prefer….

(15 minutes – time’s up!)

…. and here comes the rain again (another topic).

LOOP #2 (shortened for relevance) (6/23/2019)

After reading what I wrote about the performance project the other day I feel….

…. I am blown away by the idea of “one moment” being experienced in trillions of ways and variations as we shift, energetically, to experience said moment. Wow. It changes everything. I see it articulated more and more clearly, seamlessly, and with ease in my writing and teaching. I am enjoying the experience of full integration (of the divine and the human) and how it transforms my perspective …. of this same moment. For now, I like the poolside version toilet paper and canoe edition “later”.

(DING! Time’s up, 5 minutes)

ANOTHER #2 LOOP (3/26/2020)

( as I read)…. Holy sh#*, incredible content, the seasons juxtaposed with the ebb and flo of the athletic lifestyle / seasons. Wow. Brilliant, and it appears I wrote a loop to this – I shall read it now. Oh, but wait – more synchronicity (really, all your brilliance is! LOL) So pertinent to this whole corona virus shit going on right now.

After reading what I wrote, the #2 loop more reflected on the social media posting experience (left out above) than the content, though quantum physics was summarized nicely – more reflected on the ease of revealing clarity of late.

Specifically, I’s like to comment on “looking forward to full integration” (edited above) comment in the first #2 LOOP. Well, it’s done. Not since then or since anything else, but since I am already a fully integrated Enlightened Master, then what’s left but to experience fully, enlightenment, as a fully integrated human. Wow. New territory. Be sure not to attach any old rules. Enjoy your life. Oh, a delight to experience: offering schools with tools to help others to experience full integration with ease….

…. with ease through the art of PERFORMANCE:

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Happy Spring! Well, yesterday was meteorological Eve of Spring. Starting this write / right:  After experiencing the eve of meteorological spring yesterday, I feel cheated.  I didn’t even know until now!  The first day of spring is magical.  There are two, I guess, meteorological spring occurs on March 1st while solar spring occurs 20 days later on 3/21.  Why do the scientists pick 3/1, 6/1, 9/1 and 12/1 as their seasonal markers – a question I will research today.  You’d think a scientist would follow a solar calendar as a measuring device, even religion do! 

The first ATV of the sea turtle season just rushed by. The sea turtles lay their eggs between March 1st and the end of October, so the scientist on her Jeep is out looking for nests to mark. 

Adding to my human interactions as I write is a voice on a microphone barking out, inaudibly, but sounds like some sort of workout training, yoga or some elderly morning movement session. 

February 2019 certainly was the quickest month I have ever experienced in my life. Each day I would document the date on some page I was scribbling on only to be astounded by what day it was on the calendar, already – again and again.

My writing has been rather slow and peaceful of late.  I am called to communicate more and more with my fellow Fallen Angels, information clearly meant for the light body integration of all of us who playfully decided to take a ride on planet Earth again.  So serious we sometimes become though, even me.  I am one of the biggest clowns, yet I guard my child like nature overzealously; I might add, I am seriously silly and even I am too serious.  There is the alarm to wake my partner.  May she be true to her powerful playfulness. 

The ATV Rider educates and enquirer.  More alarm, so serious. 


Scientists and turtles laying eggs in the sand next to Nature’s title Waters, digging nests and making calendars and weather maps. Happy Spring. a poem?

JOURNAL/OPEN-ENDED: Folklore and Fairytale Project

An anniversary with Dana.
The night she had me over for the Phantom BBQ was the night I surrendered my heart to her. I made a conscious choice, there, as I listen to her talk in her lower-level bar / Studio / living area at Cliff View.  A fairy tale.  Fairy tales, though, are decorated with moments of personal and professional peril just the same. These tumultuous moments are made oh so real by our insistence on clinging to old belief systems, forgetting our Source materials, and our reluctance to release that which no longer serves our Enlightenment. Sure, monsters lurk and jump from our dark subterranean dungeons, but they only show themselves for us to allow them their expression. We need have little or no attachment to them at all. These Phantoms serve only to exhibit a contrast to our higher, true selves, and / or what we may otherwise prefer. They are not to be slain, struggled against, or fought. We need not even banish them. On the contrary, with steadfast love and gratitude – viewing said monsters as all of our creation, as opportunities for clarity, we allow. With great excitement, to the best of our abilities, and with no expectations on an outcome from our demons; henceforth, they may release or banish themselves! After their performance I liken said phantoms to minor or major characters, following the drawing of the theater curtain at the end of a play, making their way down corridors to their allotted dressing rooms, content with having served the audience, us, with the cathartic emotional aspect we attended to experience, willfully suspending our disbelief and allow excitement and imagination to work their synchronistic energy and abundantly serve our needs at that