LEADERSHIP: Holding Space with Shaumbra

Shaumbra® – The name used by Tobias, Adamus and others for a specific group of humans going through the process of awakening and Realization. According to Tobias, the term originated during the times of Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), when people – many of them Essenes – would gather for secret spiritual meetings. Loosely translated in old Hebrew, the first portion of the word Shaumbra is pronounced “shau-home,” meaning home, family, rock. The second portion, “ba-rah,” means journey and mission. When these terms are put together, it is “shau-home-ba-rah” which means family that is on a journey and experiencing together, also “Family of the Rock.” Tobias also said that in the biblical times, a “shaumbra” was also a crimson colored scarf or shawl that was worn to let others know it was time to meet. (pronounced Shom-bra). The loosely associated group of people who call themselves Shaumbra originated in the Atlantean Temples of Tien (Glossary (crimsoncircle.com).

FROM: The Companion Book to The School of Leadership Development Project ~ an open-ended writing session

Leadership Development: A dated concept, term? As much as we enjoy and revel in the wonder, splendor in the duplicatable system that is the School of Writing, I have always felt – and articulated – that I enjoy the theater of Leadership Coaching/Team Building even more than teaching Writing.

Why? As New Consciousness and quantum physics shows, such a grand feeling of contentment must mean something of substance and worth is at hand. Ownership, empowering/ment – fostering, developing these skills and practices in other Shaumbra – is immensely satisfying. Up until now, the individuals we coach, most likely, did not have an experience or dwell in a culture of such allowance.

We know that every individual has the potential to allow their sovereignty while they cooperate/co-create with other Shaumbra. As Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, says in “Ride the Wave 2012”: “Stop wondering if you are worthy; the mere fact that you exist confirms your worth. Existence doesn’t waste its time nor does all of Creation.”

OWNERSHIP/EMPOWERMENT: Allowing the unlimited dynamics of such an experience to unfold, consciously coaching and holding space for another, honors Freedom, another’s’ Enlightenment – the Realization of their embodied Mastery.

We are all Shaumbra,
all here to experience 
our Enlightenment,
or we wouldn't 
be in attendance.

(A play on the word attendance, here:  RAVEN recalls how, in our classrooms and campuses for 20 years, our class meetings on Wednesdays!)

We were actively conscious 
of all the Freedom bestowed 
upon our self-directed classrooms
for decades:
Honoring Shaumbra's birthright
to assume the right and respnsibility
of this moment,
for the planet
to choose 
to co-create
a New reality,
a New Consciousness,
a New Earth.

We can all “coach” Freedom, but we do so by allowing, not telling, our fellow Shaumbra what to do; checking their BS when necessary, allowing The Four Voices: Clarity, Insight, Release, and Calls To Action. Choices, really, of what best serves you, the coach being present to… Channeling YOU!