LEADERSHIP: Gut Check – Do We Fit Right In? With What?

FROM: The Companion Book to The School of Leadership Development at RAVEN – Community Yep, we fit right in…. If our professional/work environment is a negative place to work, and we are just another negative aspect of the culture – at best battered, bruised, and complaining…. Then yes, we fit right in. At RAVEN, community … Read more

LEADERSHIP: Holding Space with Shaumbra

Shaumbra® – The name used by Tobias, Adamus and others for a specific group of humans going through the process of awakening and Realization. According to Tobias, the term originated during the times of Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), when people – many of them Essenes – would gather for secret spiritual meetings. Loosely translated in old … Read more


COMMENTARY On the Question of UNITY: The Constitution of the United States.  It unites the world, it’s what an agreement of principles, which empowers people, always accomplishes.  A community is defined as a group of people with a shared value system.  It’s what we allow groups to realize on day one of our Leadership Development/Team … Read more