Upon a balcony perched,

The fall waves wandering ashore,

a shower gently seats itself

upon my Northeastern View.


Cur-PLUNK: deep wave or two

Stand out amongst the wandering,

soft, yet robust flow,

Making a name for themselves

Amongst the Timeless composition

of Seaside sound.


Majestically too, a pier stands out

A mile to the north, a staff

To said music, waves

Playing along its lines.


Did poetry rear its lovely head

As I only meant to identify

My place from where I create

This morning, this peninsula, this ocean, this Earth, this Cosmos?


I sit in a minute moment

Amongst uncountable infinite moments,

all containing, yet uncontained,

All that serves my Enlightenment.

My Divine manifestations of millions-trillions of simultaneous moments

All made for my light human

To choose from and delight in

Like so many chocolates come Christmas morn.  Feast.



Feast, my beloved companion, for there is no end, so feast as if you get that fact, until you really do understand and appreciate there is no such thing as scarcity, except in your old tales and Kyosaki’s left quadrant, where so many consciousness’ lay trapped in the ruin of old belief systems.  Feast!

Notes and Thoughts About Wokshop # 2: A JOURNEY TOWARD FRUITION

Now that I have worked with three groups, conducting Workshop #2, I have discovered a delightful pattern:  no one is at the same place in the process as they progress through it.  Like a long hike or race, everyone stands at the starting line together, but then they move at their own pace, meandering to and fro.  This is the way my classroom ran, a true studio, full of many works at various stages of development, all occupying the same space.  It’s a beautiful thing to behold; it’s real.  Imagine a creative space of learning where everyone is on the same page, imagine parenting a home this way.  I can’t.

Leap 2.29.2016

penguin-that-leaps1-150x150Leap 2.29.2016

It’s never
what you think,

Holding on,
That broken down
Old house
In the woods,
Limits you,
The grand Creator

What you thought
Cannot compare
What you’re creating.

What is Allowance?
The energetic contrast
Between keeping
This old house
What’s revealing itself
The art of

Open-ended Experience.

Instead now:
Associations with
A host
Like-minded Angels,
Walking with dogs,
An Institute,
An ever expanding
Old definitions
Passing through
Your grey matter

Revolutionary stuff
The old dwellings.


It’s not
what you
Think – alone.
It’s what
We Allow
Angels we.


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