FROM: The School of Performance Project ~ a dialog writing session with the gym ~ transcribed here into verse Long time No see. Uncomfortable with you, mostly – still. But don’t get me wrong. Overall, amazing and So appreciate being back. The weight (ha! – gym) the wait – yours. You are overweight (Would that … Read more

WRITING: Permission

FROM: The Companion Book to Writing Workshop Two Project ~ a dialog with Sr. Christian (one of the four tools from our Writing Workshop One) ~ transcribed into verse This is regarding writing workshop two, just to dial myself in, focus. Yes, lots we could cover. We don’t bother asking, our audience won’t interfere with … Read more

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Dismantled from Your Divinity?

FROM: A Dialog with My 2020 Jeunesse Expo Notes

ME: Let’s catch-up

EXPO: Lot’s of that hanging around in the studio of all of your creation.

ME: Started the break well, domestique-ly.

EXPO: Grunt work, yes. There’s a great deal of gratitude to be had for that, and – if it excites you – a nice momentum starter.

ME: All it takes. EXPO: Always. But to continuously restart, catching up as you say, re-connecting ; how about simply staying connected ( a slogan? – ha!).

ME: Well…. – EXPO: – Yes, you know it. ME: We are always “connected”, as it were. We can enjoy “permission slips” (Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka), practices which remind us of that fact, allow a connection to our higher self, thereby serving our highest frequency and what we most prefer. Pen to paper works well for me.

EXPO: – and your team –

ME: – Yes, one of the groovy Insights and Calls -to Action that came from engaging with the Expo in a purposeful – not so messy, I must say, way through my application of our own Writing Workshop One Program.

EXPO: Well done, by the (they – play on words through a typo) way. Even you were surprised, when you reviewed your EXPO Portfolio just now, with all the “permission” you gave yourself and how much you “practiced”.

ME: Now. Action.

EXPO: Indeed. Stay connected. It can be as simple as “5 schools, 5 days-a-week, “permissions and practices” on said days; 5 each-a-day on a lighter note [another play on words: “note” – musically, as well as, in “NT 101” mode – notes (note-taking) and notes as in music].

ME: Ooh, I like “NT 101” as a nickname for our “Note-taking 101” Method.

EXPO: It all starts and STAYS, here, with NT 101 (play on words with a typo: “stats”). It’s a way to allow engagement and momentum to get started and to then stay connected. The notes, journals, BEL’s, (all terms at RAVEN) are permanent: They STAY, and then they may always be visited, revisited, and allow for momentum to be served by following the excitements which reveal themselves – exponentially in the “studio” – the ENTREPRENEURIAL Studio of all of one’s creation…. Then, continuing to expand to reveal further excitement as “PATTERNS”, “FRAMEWORKS”, “DRAFTS”, AND “REVISIONS” (all terms at RAVEN). *Ding – 15 minutes….

LOOP: more to come….