WRITING: Create Space

FROM: The Class Guide to Writing Workshop One

“…we will share details about the space where we prefer to create.  For example:  a quiet room with soft music playing, by candle light, outdoors, a busy place in public or a combination.  Regardless of what we prefer, it is now important to create space to check-in with our higher self through the art of writing. 

If YOU do not begin to honor such a space, nothing in the studio of your creative life will energetically honor or trust you.  In other words, our lack of healthy parameters will be exposed :  everything we have a relationship with, from your car to our job, to our very own body—our health, and especially—people may amplify in its contrast to our higher self.  We create the time and the place to consistently and clearly allow this new relationship with our creativity, indeed all of creation (your creation) to reveal a New Consciousness. 

At first, this seems like a new consciousness  to us, but as we pass through many thresholds of understanding, we come to know, to remember, we are experiencing and co-creating with something we have always known—our Divine Consciousness.”