WRITING: Permission

FROM: The Companion Book to Writing Workshop Two Project ~ a dialog with Sr. Christian (one of the four tools from our Writing Workshop One) ~ transcribed into verse
This is regarding writing workshop two,
just to dial myself in, focus.
Yes, lots we could cover.

We don't bother asking,
our audience won't 
interfere with creativity.

A legacy 
lives through us,
all of us
in great gratitude.
Thank all of us:
The battered women in Detroit,
the students, mankind.

The human,
embodied with our spirituality,
thanks to these permission slips.
Humans still feel
we need permission;
perhaps we will
no longer.

New Earth:
best practices
assemble to recreate,
what our Divinity
has already, always,
made possible.
We have recreated
by adapting,
developing the work 
in "Journey".

The Writing Workshops 
adapt to everything:
allowing us 
to tangibly connect,
enjoy, reveal 
everything we need,
when we need it,

The young,
new to this kinda' human,
how to 
manage allowing

A big word for Adamus (Crimson Circle),
"Everything, everything, everything."
And Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka),
"All that is."

The human alone
tends to compare,
dysfunction, judge.

The embodied Master
notices a bunch of
our Ascended Master friends,
sitting down 
in the living room
during a maraub,
before disconnecting with distraction,
he senses them there.

We are all drawn
to space,
given permission and invitation 
to us.
We need to 
acknowledge collaboration more;
we are not in this alone.
There is an understanding:
     Deconstruction needed 
to allow us to disconnect
from a great many
ancient attachments,
we are all here 
for what 
the embodied human is experiencing,
it is our greatest excitement
that we enjoy ourselves.
Can we give ourselves
permission to do so,
are we realized 
enough to 
no longer need it?

We are Masters Club members
in what is well 
in all of creation.
All of us.

It's time to channel

More to come….