ENERGY: It’s Been a While…

FROM: an open-ended writing session – The New Energy School Project – transcribed to verse – I wrote this in the Fall of 2019 while I was back in the classroom again, teaching in the inner City of Detroit at a fine arts academy…

Still running scared into the New Consciousness?
Afraid to leave an old story, 
A story that was such a hit
for so long,
even for an embodied Master?
Oh, how we believed it,
believe it at times even now.
Would that we could so believe 
in a rewrite.

"I do", 
says our loving, I AM.

We are such grand composers;
the ascended Master is always in production,
we all are.
The Master perhaps intuits and manifests more
of what is possible.

Oh, but how we think we need
to pass through, act out, and relive
old, established energetic imprints and belief systems
- stories.
What a cathartic experience to do so:
this human collaborator, this now light body,
so adores and attaches itself, 
to acting out the old stories,
even as we revisit and rewrite our story
from another, perhaps elevated, 
ascended dimension.

In other words,
the embodied Master 
does not integrate 
in a vacuum. 
We enjoy, experience and learn
while energetically engaged
in every / many dimensions
- at once choosing 
what serves us best
as we agree with / in
one version of the moment of me,
us, Shambra.


We collaborate with Source
to fulfill a Dream.
I am, at once, 
encouraged with the clarity
of my magic, my Merlin,
my Dragon
- the compassion
I show myself, 
as I experience 
this Light-body, and
the reminder,
how this sovereign experience,
while it serves 
my highest excitement,
serves all of Shambra 
with ease.


Such clarity:
the ascended choice,
at once sovereign,
as the agreement of Shambra expands,
our shifts continue 
to serve all of us.

Compassion is why
we came back;
it's compassion 
that places me back
in inner city Detroit 
to hold space for 
the wave of Angels,
while they 
follow through
on an experience
they chose
- to experience this Earth,
this moment:
from blight and plight
and see 
what happens 
when the light comes in...

This pioneer is here
to guide and facilitate
their wild ride.
Onward and upward!