ENERGY: Reluctant Enlightenment

The New Energy School Project FROM: A Dialog writing session with Adamus (transcribed here into verse) Time for a powerful visit, kidding aside. Impossible, kidding aside, so much to razz us about since we’ve crossed over. Are there more reluctant Masters? No. And with good reason. We are going to trust at some point. Sure, … Read more

ENERGY: It’s Been a While…

FROM: an open-ended writing session – The New Energy School Project – transcribed to verse – I wrote this in the Fall of 2019 while I was back in the classroom again, teaching in the inner City of Detroit at a fine arts academy… Still running scared into the New Consciousness? Afraid to leave an … Read more

ENERGY: Earthen Stove

FROM: “The New Energy School Project” ~ a dialog with art (dialog: one of the four tools of our Writing Workshop One) …We Already know. We simply, Due to self worth, Won’t remind ourselves, With a permission slip, One we enjoy… …To remember… We are Consciousness, Realizing itself In the context      of An old … Read more

Practicing Permission

FROM: “The New Energy School Project” – a Catalog Writing Session, “Important Decision: Gratitude and Permission to Engage in Earth Energy Practices More Intentionally Again” Energy. Gaia leaves as the Life Force Energy of the planet. Are all species the experiencing the same, all sovereigns; it’s just more apparent now? Including the human? A sovereign … Read more


FROM: (the intro.) “Morning Whispers: Stopping By Deconstruction on Our Way to Enlightenment” – a summary of sub-points from the “Source” cluster (WW 3: The Introduction Tool at RAVEN) “It is in the human’s nature, especially when faced with radically new information and change, to return to the familiar, clinging to old belief systems which … Read more

ENERGY: Weekends at RAVEN

FROM: an open-ended (OE) writing session, a 1-3 words-per-line poem – The New Energy School Project WEEKENDS Weekends at Raven, The weakness ends at Raven. Weakness, One of our Oldest Belief systems: We were always Too weak – From viruses, Plagues, War, Vices, Others – to Not fit in, To say no; to say yes, … Read more